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Basic SSL On All Our Hosted Websites

Posted on: Apr 04, 2017

Posted by: John

Recently in efforts to make the internet a safer and more secure place Google has updated its Chrome browser to highlight websites that aren’t using an SSL certificate but request user information. For example, any website asking for a password without encrypting data will be flagged, in red as insecure. Whereas websites which do have a certificate will be marked secure in green ensuring visitor’s peace of mind when using your site.

So, what is SSL and why is it important? When browsing the internet your computer or smartphone is interacting with a server somewhere in the world. These interactions are sent out across the open internet and can be easily intercepted and viewed. That can be bad news if you’ve just entered that one password you use for everything on an insecure site, you could be giving away access to all your online accounts. To prevent this from happening, we use SSL technology to encrypt information as it’s sent out over the internet, this can only be decrypted by the website you’re interacting with and no one else can read it without going to great efforts.

We’re behind Google on this approach and feel all interactions with websites should be safe and secure. As such we’re now including basic SSL on all our hosted websites. We’ll be rolling this out over the summer!

 Now not all SSL certificated are born equal, and although the basic certificate will provide full encryption, there are more advanced certificates available which offer even more peace of mind and protection to you the site owner. We’d recommend that anyone taking payments online use one of these more advanced certificates. We can help you find the right SSL solution so contact us today If you’ve got any questions.

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