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Website Development - Woodfields Farm

Posted on: Jun 07, 2017

Posted by: John

Leading on from Paul’s last post which introduced a new client, Woodfields Farm and how we helped them establish their branding and logo, we’ve now completed their website! This build goes to show that even a simple 3 page site can still be engaging and striking.

The purpose of this initial website was to feature products soon to be available on Amazon, however it was requested that the site be easily editable and one day sell products directly. With this in mind we built a fully responsive Wordpress theme specific to their needs (no off the shelf templates for us) and customised the back end so making changes is simple and quick.

With a flexible theme and platform under their belts this young company is free to expand in the knowledge their website can keep up without extensive additional work and no scary financial surprises further down the line. We’re excited to have them on board and are sure they’re going to do just great.

We’ll make a full feature on this site soon, but for the moment you can visit the site for yourself using the link below.

Visit Woodfields Farm

Woodfields farm website screen shot

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