In Browser Push Notifications – Are you missing out?

Published: 5th November 2018

You’re probably familiar with push notifications on your phone, they pop up to let you know when some activity has occurred within one of your apps or web services. It might be a Facebook post, or a WhatsApp message, possibly Ebay letting you know you’ve won an auction or Amazon updating your order status to ‘dispatched’. When used correctly and sparingly these notifications really enhance a user’s experience with your app or service, they can even be looked forward to, communicating a post has gone viral or a new product is on the way!

What you may not be aware of is that these notifications can also be sent to web browsers on laptops, desktop computers and mobile devices, meaning this same technology is available without the need to have a dedicated app. Facebook and WhatsApp in particular make good use of this technology, letting you know when you have a new message and providing a direct link so you can respond accordingly. This is all done regardless of whether you have the originating website open or what site you’re currently browsing, so long as you have your browser open it’ll pop up!

So, these notifications, although only small offer the ability to directly communicate instantly and personally with your users, even more exciting is that this can be automated! Imagine you’re running an online shop and you just get a new and exciting product in, you add this to your website with all the tags and categories required and hit publish, automatically a notification containing a link to that product is sent to anyone who has bought or shown interest in anything similar. Or perhaps you’re running a recruitment company and post a new job, anyone who has shown interest in similar jobs receives the notification informing them of the position. The applications are broad, maybe you’ve an event or promotion coming up, perhaps you’ve written a new blog post or released an update to your service, these can all be communicated instantly and automatically with your target audience. Of course, you can also choose to send notifications manually, writing the content yourself should a one-off message be required.

When combined with the other staple disciplines of digital marketing such as email marketing and social media, notifications provide an additional string to your bow, helping you reach your target demographic with ease. As with other marketing tools a full range of statistical analytics are available to show how well each notification is received and over time you’ll learn when best to send them and what to include to maximise conversions.

Push notifications can be added to any website new or old often without too much development and we’re of course here to help in getting you set up and on your way. So if you would like to learn more about this exciting technology and how best you can implement it into your existing marketing strategies contact us today.

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