Introduction to Social Media

Want to learn how to use social media for your business? Let’s get started!

Social media can be used to help increase your brand awareness, help you connect with your target audience, increase website traffic and even generate leads.

What is included on our beginners training course?

On the beginners’ course, we’ll start crafting your social media strategy and look at your different audiences to determine which social channels will be useful to your business. We’ll look at effective ways of engaging your audience and optimise your channels. Courses are tailored depending on level of skill/ambitions but generally include:

  • Setting up listening tools for third party content
  • Researching influencers and target audiences
  • Optimising your chosen social media channels
  • Social media best practice
  • Basics on measuring the impact of your activity

Who is it for?

Our intro to social media course is best suited to those who already have social media channels set up for their business. It’s perfect for those who are looking to expand their knowledge of the different channels and who want to understand their target audience(s) better.

How it works

Our sessions are designed to be either one-to-one or for small groups (up to 4 people). Sessions can be booked in at a day, two half days or split over a few weeks, depending on your time restraints and learning style. Before the training, we’ll have a talk with you about what you want to get out of the session(s) so that we can tailor the course to you and your needs. We’ll pick 2/3 different social channels to focus on, and if you aren’t sure which ones are best suited to your business, we can advise you on this too.

Get in touch today and we can chat through your training requirements.

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