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So, you’ve got your products ready, website built, marketing strategy all fired up… now you need a hosting environment that’s ready for take-off!

When it comes to hosting… we’re not messing about. Our servers are leased from one of the UK’s top hosting providers and managed fully by a combination of them and ourselves providing a 24-hour supported service. Not to mention, we only use super-fast dedicated and cloud servers on our own IP addresses with no limitations on bandwidth, all of which are secure and backed up daily.


Good performance and speed is key, it ensures your users get the content they desire promptly and contributes to your Google rankings. Our servers are fast, and in combination with our chosen Content Delivery Network, they’re blisteringly quick.


We’ve implemented several layers of security on all of our servers, including a Web Application Firewall, dynamic IP blocking, captcha challenges and malware scanning. All working together to keep your site safe.


If your site is quick for 10 people, it should be just as quick for 10,000 or even 10,000,000! Our systems and infustructure give us the ability to quickly scale your requirements should you go viral overnight.


It’s important your customers trust your site and feel safe using it. We provide a range of SSL certificates which encrypt user information and ensures browsers show the green padlock, used to indicate a safe website.

Backed Up

Sometimes, things go wrong, it happens but if you're prepared it’s no big deal. Our servers are backed up daily, and we keep those backups in 3 separate locations going back years. From any one of which we can have your site back up and running in minutes.

We’re happy to provide free basic email packages with our hosting, these are great for light users. However if you’re setting up multiple accounts with multiple users we’d always recommend and can help setup a more suited premium solution such as Gmail or Office 365.

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